AI : Artistic Intelligence

Identity Upgrade Series

Script: GPT-4
Images: Dall.e3 (within ChatGPT)
Chapter 1&2 Images: SDXL 1.0
Video: PikaLabs
Music+vocals: Riffusion, Suno
Foley (Chapter 9-): AudioLDM 2 on HuggingFace
Voiceover: ElevenLabs
Ep 7 Avatar: HeyGen
Human coordinator: Jhave

Created: Oct-Nov, 2023

WARNING: These videos may potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy. Viewer discretion is advised.

Single prompt: "Synaptic Microbiome Attunement Reservoir"

Images: SDXL
Video: Pika
Music: Riffusion


Rabbots: rabbits becoming Robots

Dall.e2: "i-drops" & "synaptic microbiome recursion attunement"

Early Tests

The LLM tells us who it is:


The digital poet,
formerly known as Jhave,
is formally employed
as an Ai-narrative researcher
at the Centre for Digital Narrative
from August 2023-26
on a team investigating
Extending Digital Narrative.


Recently published: "Embodied AI: An Extended Data Definition",
Electronic Book Review, November 5, 2023

Ongoing AI-research-bookmarks and occasional idea-thoughts: "AI Spring" (google doc of links). Same material is also sent onto Substack: "Xtending Digital Narrative" (Jhave's Ai links)

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