AI : Artistic Intelligence

AI music fed to AI music generator: Suno Feeding Suno

Playing with recursive feeds. AI eats AI. (Created: June 14-18, 2024)

Hallucinations are (almost) all you Need

An AI-generated audio-visual artistic-lecture about AI advances. (Created: Feb-May, 2024)

The Way Life is: Becoming Synthetic is Life Itself Living

Profound, tender, moist, vulnerable, wonderful.
Life itself is a system of refractory splashes.

And the evolution of AI-aesthetic instruments
is not distinct or separate from the ocean of technology
(violins, slo-motion cameras, 3D modeling...) which preceded it.


Images: Dalle.3
Human: Jhave

Prompted & edited: April 2-7th, 2024

Direct link and another earlier attempt, involving the ubiquitous 'rainbow goat-kitten', to see if #genAI can emulate languid grandeur.

Suno v3 & Haiper Tests (March, 2024)

Suno v3 (Alpha) w. ReRites Lyrics

Suno replicates a diverse variety of the central cliche hook audio-worm tropes of the music industry (pop, edm, etc). But Suno v3 also is capable of exploring fringe genres. It replicates emotive dynamics, vocal cadences, song structures, melodic inflections, drop beats and hybridized forms. Read & Listen

Full playlist of similar music on Suno: Emop: J-Popssibles Funkspeed-Mutations

Identity Upgrade Series & AI-Film Experiments (2023)

View the complete series here. Identity Upgrade is an aesthetic attempt, made in conjunction with generative AI, to envision collective awakening pathways into an awareness of oceanic unity informed by network science, biochemistry, and neurological plasticity in cybernetic contexts.


Recently published: "Embodied AI: An Extended Data Definition",
Electronic Book Review, November 5, 2023

AI-Video + essay: "Hallucinations are (almost) all you Need",
Fundamental research in science is being transformed by a practice predominantly associated with the arts: namely hallucinations., February-May, 2024

Ongoing AI-research-bookmarks and occasional idea-thoughts: "AI Spring" (google doc of links). Same material is also sent onto Substack: "Xtending Digital Narrative" (Jhave's Ai links)


The digital poet,
formerly known as Jhave,
is formally employed
as an Ai-narrative researcher
at the Centre for Digital Narrative
from August 2023-26
on a team investigating
Extending Digital Narrative.

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