Digital Poetry

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Poems written by neural nets, edited by a human, published monthly.
May 2017 - May 2018

Alphabet Drenched by Bifrost.
Silent prototype. 21/03/2017

Experiments with MASH.
Silent prototype. 24/02/2017

(Trained on over 600,000 lines of poetry)
(Trained on 532,192 lines of poetry)

Poems made while eating Vegan KeyLime pie in NYC before WordHack

Same Data, Same Code (Different Parameters)

Information visualizations normally change as the data changes.

In this demo, the data stays the same,
but visualizations change
as the parameters change.

Python code, T-SNE algorithm, 6689 poems

Project Code on Github:

240 neural net models generating poems (x 2).
1h53m silent realtime screen-capture
More info:

288 pgs.| Published: June 2016
More info at: MIT Press

111 "~" symbols

Single shot, meditative, image-text proto-organism animated in Maya
[ using a custom Mel script
coded by Leoson Cheong
for ]

Soundtrack on Bandcamp

1080HD output
from 4k render
image sequence